Ancient Meridians

For centuries, the traditional meridian theory has been tested, researched and practised by health healing practitioners all over the world. A modern anatomical teaching and practical training picture below can integrally illustrate that a human body is encompassed by twenty-six core meridians or meridian channels with six hundred seventy acupressure or acupuncture points per ancient meridian theory as well as by recent gas discharge visualization technology also called Electrophotonics developed by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, Alexander Laptev, Dr. Alexander Kuznetsov, Boris Krylov and Olga Belobaba in 1995 from the latest discoveries of quantum bioelectrography and quantum physics. It provides the orthographic views of the embodiment that two half-pictures show the main acupressure points in dots of core meridians of a human body, whereas other two half-pictures show a human anatomy guide of the skeletal muscle systems. It's only a recent discovery manifested to the west by finding a missing "Structure and Distribution of an Unrecognized Interstitium in Human Tissues" published in Scientific Reports of on March 27, 2018, by Petros Benias, Rebecca Wells, and others, whereas ancient Chinese medicine had practiced for centuries as meridians.

By applying modern quantum physics theory, it's much more easier to understand the ancient meridian theory with following definitions: whereas an acupoint is defined and claimed here as a functional quantum energy access point exchanging between the internal and external matters of a human body through Chi or electromagnetic energy to maintain the coherance or homeostasis and metabolism balance; whereas Chi is defined and claimed here as an electromagnetic quantum energy flowing in a body that can be generated by various means including, but not limited to, light, sound, frequency, vibration, mechanically, electrically, magnetically, biologically, biochemically, radioactively, biophysically, aromatically, heat, consciously, unconsciously, subconsciously, independently, dependently, actively, passively, mentally, physically, or their combinations; whereas meridians or meridian channels are defined and claimed as quantum pathways or tunnels for Chi to flow in a body through collections of quantum energy access points, corresponding to functional efficacy of various internal organs associated with numerous factors including, but not limited to, spatial time, seasons, active or passive actions, yin, yang, physical or emotional characteristics corresponding to Chi.

By integrating quantum vibration theory, innovative ways of examining, studying, exploring, and practicing meridian theory in the quantum universe of the human body can bring new tools, means, methods and systems to better human healthcare, to save and improve human lives, whereas the old proverb of "breath controls Chi, Chi commands the blood flow, and the blood flow nourishes and feeds a human body" still manifests perfectly.