Therapy Modalities

There are numerous therapeutic modalities studied and practised in modern physical therapy treatment, which some common ones can be found in "Modalities for Therapeutic Intervention", 4th edition, 2005, F. A. Davis Company, Philadelphia, authored by Susan L. Michlovitz and Thomas P. Nolan. These therapeutic modalities included cold therapy, thermotherapy, ultrasound therapy, phonophoresis therapy, electrotherapy, iontophoresis therapy, hydrotherapy, electromagnetic radiation therapy using laser, ultraviolet and diathermy, and mechanical therapy with traction and intermittent pneumatic compressions.

Using the above diagram, you can figure out what kinds of electric and magnetic fields will affect a human body by quantum energy, wavelength, and frequencies when the therapeutic modality of magnetic radiation like a laser, ultrasound, and diathermy is applied in a clinical intervention treatment. Human medicine developments are sometimes limited by their visible spectrum until technological breakthroughs can provide their visible extensions. Let's remember a quote by Hippocrates II, "If you dismiss and neglect the experiences of the ancients and believe that you will find the right path only in the newest treatment, you fool yourself and the people around you." The ancient meridian theory certainly provides new meanings to the research and exploration of modern quantum physics, especially when such technology as Gas Discharge Visualization can be developed from the latest discoveries in quantum bioelectrography.