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The Meridian Quantum Detox is a noninvasive 100% drug-free natural therapy innovated based on ancient meridian healing modalities practiced in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries combined with modern quantum physics’ vibration theory. The toxins of the human lymphatic and blood circulation systems are functionally detoxified by applying proprietary meridian massage, and quantum aroma pasting for circulation energizing and toxin bond decoupling, and epidermal cupping, while human immune system can be reset, revived, and rejuvenated, without interrupting any existing treatements.
There are numerous articles, literature, and researches about the toxins of a human body that readers can find today. Here, we just simply define that the toxins of a human body are any harmful substances or impurities that are imbalanced produced by human cells or came from outside.
To perform the following innovative natural detox modality:

  • Perform a proprietary set of therapeutic meridian massage to relax and energize the meridians of the body;
  • Apply a proprietary set of quantum aroma-herb balms pasted at or near a proprietary set of acupressure points to animate, excite, and weaken the toxin bond;
  • Perform a proprietary set of pressure-controlled vacuum cupping at or near a proprietary set of acupressure points for toxins extraction;
  • Apply a proprietary set of healing balms pasted at or near a proprietary set of acupressure points to restore the coherent homeostasis after detox therapy.
To provide alternative toxins drainage 100% drug-free without burdening or interfering with the regular human organ functions to excrete toxins through their usual channels like urination, feces, or perspiration.
The Meridian Quantum Detox is a noninvasive 100% drug-free natural therapy most suitable for people having sub/abnormal health conditions. It's a great practice for people to receive this detox therapy at least once in a lifetime, especially for those planning to have babies.

This patented detox therapy can be greatly beneficial to people having cardiovascular defects, neurological dysfunctions, and other disorder symptoms with unknown/undetectable causes. We do not claim any cures, treatments, diagnoses, and preventions of these illnesses with efficacy.
Literally speaking, the Meridian Quantum Detox is a patented noninvasive 100% drug-free naturopathy to detoxify a human body by applying the combining modalities of meridian massage, quantum herbal balm pasting, and pressure-controlled vacuum cupping.

This patented detox naturopathy is inspired by functionally integrating the ancient meridian therapy practiced by healing professionals worldwide for centuries with new discoveries in quantum physics covering energy, matter, and quantum vibration.

This patented detox therapy manifests a natural extension of traditional massage therapy to a clinical healing therapy with innovative modalities, which broaden the quantum biophysics' studies into molecular respiration, fermentation, and metabolism reactions.

This patented therapy doesn't interfere with any existing treatment of the patient. It can provide supplement indications and biomarker analysis to improve the patient's existing treatment for faster and better recovery and cure.

This patented detox therapy is ascertained as a better modality for athletes and sports detox, rehabilitation, physical recovery, and treatment healing.

The objective of the Meridian Quantum Detox is to heal the human body using the most natural means available while doing no harm. It is intended to provide a functional effective modern natural healing solution to the existing medical treatments for medical advancement.

It combines ancient healing modalities with modern quantum breakthroughs to treat troubled abnormal physicalities 100% drug-free without interrupting any existing treatments.
Our Meridian Quantum Detox is a patented noninvasive 100% drug-free naturopathy that can unconventionally and safely extract and drain the toxins of a human body without interrupting any existing treatments.

Meridian Quantum Detox
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With the complexity of modern environmental polluting toxicities, the elder age grew, the more drugs consumed, the more toxins will eventually accumulate in the human body. Our Meridian Quantum Detox provides an advanced noninvasive 100% drug-free modality to effectively extract and drain the toxins of our human body, which can efficiently revive and improve our immune system naturally.
Please be aware following advice:

  • To be physically, mentally, and consciously at ease with yourself by familiarizing all procedures, photos and videos of our Meridian Quantum Detox Therapy through reading and inquiries before the treatment;
  • To ready yourself with medical records handy, especially the most recent physical exam and/or blood analysis records prior to the treatment;
  • To contact us for free consultations before scheduling a therapy treatment;
  • To review this therapy guideline thoroughly and sign the informed consent and related therapy treatment agreements;
  • Organize and plan your personal schedule ahead with a treatment duration of about 15 days, either to have a limited workload by yourself or to have a normal workload by having a personalized therapist;
  • To have your personal hygiene items ready for the treatment duration of about 15 days;
  • To make agreed payments in the signed contract prior to the treatment;
  • To terminate the Meridian Quantum Detox Therapy at the client's will during the treatment with a pro-rate charge accordingly;
  • To dispose of toxins extracted per bio-safety standards and regulations;
  • To enable biomarker analysis of toxins extracted at the client's option and cost;
  • To enable blood analysis after the therapy at the client's option and cost;
  • To welcome follow-up feedback and inquiries for future therapy improvement.
After applying proprietary sets of meridian massage followed by proprietary sets of quantum pastes/patches to energize the meridians, a proprietary set of pressure-controlled vacuum cupping is applied at or near a proprietary set of acupressure points to suck the toxins out of the lymphatic and blood circulation systems of a human body consecutively and continuously until toxins stop coming out.
The Meridian Quantum Detox therapy is contraindicative to patients had cardiovascular related implants, and to those who have their physician orders of disallowing this type of therapeutic modality treatment, while special consultation and evaluation are required to those had previous surgical operations.
Life lies in movement. Life requires movement.

For those athletes and sports enthusiasts, this patented detox therapy provides an effective and beneficial modality and means to measure, vindicate and boost their health status, and enhance their health goals.

This detox therapy can provide timely, and 100% drug-free apparent health improvement efficacy for athletes' detoxification, athletic rehabilitation, recovery, and treatment healing.
For anyone interested in the detox therapy business, the Meridian Quantum Detox provides the ultimate satisfaction in health improvement and life rejuvenation, as well as long-term business gains. For therapy practitioners, the meridian quantum detox provides one of the best means to enhance their professional expertise and qualification to better social prestige, while improving and saving people's lives from unknown abnormal-health defects and chronicle illnesses. To heal people with your knowledge and expertise will bring out the best human spirits, virtue, morality, love, and faith for a better society.

For the investment described below, you will obtain the business gains to better human lives:
  • One portion of the investment will be used for your personal detoxifying treatment, whereas you will receive the meridian quantum detox therapy to intuitively understand, feel, and trust the natural detox therapy solution. This treatment cost is only a finite investment towards greater returns with better health and enriched knowledge;
  • The other portion of the investment will enable you to obtain the legal intellectual property license to represent and practice our patented
    Meridian Quantum Detox naturopathy in a designated region to serve your clients for a consent period after you are fully certified by our process while confidently agreed to accept all responsibilities in contractual terms;
  • With your investment, you will obtain our full support covering service training, future upgrades, improvements, and all tangibles and non-tangibles related to after-sales support online and offline.
It's our great honor to have you join our Meridian Quantum Detox family. Look forward to your genuine participation.