Quantum Vibration

The recent developments in quantum physics on the vibration theory of smell have made a giant leap of understanding for traditional therapy healing practitioners as to why ancient aroma-herbal pastes can heal and improve the human health for centuries worldwide. An example of "Chinese Herbal Paste may Help Prevent Exacerbations of COPD" by the American Thoracic Society, posted on May 22, 2011, under Science News of www.sciencedaily.com, has manifested the fact.

Numerous studies have been published about the quantum sense of smell during recent years after Luca Turin's discovery on the vibration theory of smell since 2005. The above photo taken from www.nist.gov is a typical illustration of how odors can potentially be transmitted through the olfactory vibration-sensing receptors of the epithelial barrier to the human body for odor recognition.

"The Quantum Mechanics of Smell" by Mo Costandi, posted on Tuesday, December 12, 2006, under Molecular Cell Biology, Neuroscience, Olfaction, had manifested further Luca Turin's discovery in the quantum sensing theory of smell.

It's interesting to find many studies performed like "Does Topical Agent Help Fracture Healing? A Pilot Study Using a Herbal Patch." posted on May 2015, under Scientific Research, or "Selected Topical Agents Used in Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Treatment of Minor Injuries- A Review." posted on February 5, 2016, under Frontier in Pharmacology of National Institute of Health had demonstrated.

An amazing discovery is the research study named "Human Olfactory Receptors: Novel Cellular Function Outside of the Nose" conducted by Désirée Maßberg and Hanns Hatt, and published in the Journals of Physiology on June 13, 2018, expressly stated that our human olfactory sensory neurons not exclusively observed in the nose, but they were observed and distributed in all other human tissues tested to date, including the testis, lung, intestine, skin, heart, and blood.