The off-store VIP detoxing therapy starts with a minimum of 15-day sessions at $27,500, to 20-day sessions at $35,000, and up to 30-day sessions at $50,000, according to the estimated amount of toxins in the patient's body after Informed Consent consultation. These VIP detoxing therapies are personalized care therapies performed at the consent remote locations that include all meridian massages, cuppings, and herbal balm pastings, in day-by-day continuous sessions. All VIP therapies must be completed with the first and last sessions of herbal balm pasting, and the actual length of each therapy will be determined remotely until no toxins are excreted. Our 100% drug-free naturopathy will be performed by our licensed Meridian Quantum Detox-certified therapists dispatched after the chosen therapy payment is received. The actual cost of our VIP therapy still fully depends upon the actual amount of toxins to be drained from the patient body.

  • Category: Detoxing Therapy
  • Duration: 00:45 Hours
  • Address: San Diego, CA, USA / Tijuana, BC, MX (Map)
  • More Info: Consented Locations

Price:$27500 - $50000



Please review first our Meridian Quantum Detox Protocol, our premium therapy is preferred to book through online consultation or contact us directly at (619) 880-8773 or More answers can also be found in our F.A.Q.